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Business Writing ServicesBusinessWritingServices.org is a custom business writing company that offers 100% custom business writing and editing services. With over 10 years of experience in Business Writing Services, BWS is one of the most experienced Business writing services providers in the market. When looking for a Business Writing Company, you need to be sure that the company has the right human and infrustructural resources. BWS have world-class research facilities that ensure its writers craft well researched Business Documents. Our Business writing services include:

Business Essay  Business Research Paper 
Business Term Paper  Business Plans
Business Proposal  Business Thesis 
Business Case Study  Business Resumes
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Other include; business proofreading and marking services by very professional business writers. We believe that we are the best business essay writing service that will take your grades to the next level. We also offer custom business writing services on other business disciplines such as accounting writing services, auditing writing services, business law writing services, economics writing services, custom finance writing services, custom management writing services as well as custom taxation and business information systems writing services.

Our Business: Businessis the activity that involves the exchange of goods and services between buyers and sellers. This is created through the demand and supply chain created and is explained by Economics. On the other hand the activities the activities must be managed in the best way possible which is explained by the management discipline of business. To achieve maximum sales of goods and services consumer awareness must be created through the Marketing process.On the other hand the goods and services sold must be accounted for through the disciplines of Financial AccountingCost Accounting and Management Accounting. The auditing discipline of business deals with the examination of financial records to determine whether they reflect a true and fair view of the business entity.

Business Writing Services. org is your company that encompasses business writing services on all key disciplines and aspects of a business. It is through our competent and professional business writers whereby we provide all kinds of business writing services in any area of the business subject.

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Quality: We offers writing help with a guarantee of a 100% custom writing service that has quality and with no plagiarism. All our writers are professionally trained on how to avoid vagueness and irrelevance but at the same time creating custom written work that will guarantee one his or her academic success in any area of business.

Process: The writing process is as simple as ABCD. The process is just easy and all business custom writing is delivered on time. Lateness has never been an issue because we understand our work. We know what is needed of any business topic and we know in which specific section of our state of the art business library to find it.

Topic: Business topics are sometimes confusing and perhaps you may want clarification on your business term paper, research paper, thesis, dissertation or proposal we have a stand-by team who are ready to listen to any issue concerning our business writing service. This team is also available 24/7 to give you maximum support in case of any revision or specification.

Speciality: Division of labor and specialization is our main emphasis. All our professional writers are specialized in each of the key areas of business and that’s why our economics writers will handle only economics custom writing. Through this our services have proved to be the only business writing services with a difference. We care about your business papers, plans and proposal needs and that is why we are ready to take you through our writing process.

No type of business case study or project has ever been a dilemma for us. We have handled thousands of business case studies in the course of our business writing process. We have also vast experience in financial statements analysis and company analysis. We provide you with detailed and quality writing services that you alone will look back and smile at us. For more Business Writing Tips

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Recent Orders Completed by Our Business Writers

Topic:Describe the Monopoly Market Structure stating and explaining in Details why it is not a price taker.

Customer Status: Returning

Pages: 5/1375 Words

Urgency: 48 Hours

Topic: Explain Why Focus Bank should use Statistical Sampling Techniques as opposed to Non statistical sampling in their internal Audit

Customer Status: New

Pages:10/2750 words

Urgency: 24 hrs

Topic: Explain the contributions of MM theory to Finance

Customer Status: Returning

Pages: 6/1650 words

Urgency:10 days

Topic: Explain the advantages of Information Sytems Audit to a major Bank in the US

Customer Status: Returning

Pages: 6/1650 words

Urgency:3 days

Topic: Explain the contribution Of John Keynes to modern Economics

Customer Status: New

Pages:10/ 2750 words

Urgency: 3 Days

Topic: Explain the role played by the Accounting Standards Board in Sarbanes Oxly case

Customer Status: Returning

Pages: 23/ 6325 words

Urgency: 5Days

Topic: Effects of Japanese Earthquake on Toyota's Financial Performance

Customer Status: Returning

Pages: 80 Pages

Urgency: 10 Days

Topic: Explain the various Styles of Leadership Stating in Details where each is practically used in modern companies

Customer Status: New

Pages:15/ 4125

Urgency: 24 Hrs

Topic: Explain in Details the importance of marketing a new Detergent in a detergent making industry

Customer Status: Returning

Pages: 10/ 2750 Words

Urgency: 2 Days

Topic: Explain the essentials of a valid contract

Customer Status : Returning

Pages : 5/ 1325 Words

Urgency: 25 days

Topic: What is marketing?

Customer status: New

Pages: 3/895 words

Urgency: 6 Hours

Sources: 3

Writer ID: 0012

Customers Instructions: Please make sure that you fully discuss “what the term marketing means and what is the difference between needs, wants and demands”

Writers comment: This paper was in APA style and it just took me four hours to do what the customer needed. I will be happy to do another paper like this for you.

Customer’s feedback: Very Satisfied with their custom Marketing Essay Writing Service especially with the short notice

Topic: Discuss the concept of Customer Value and its importance to successful marketing. How are customer value and relationship marketing linked?

Customer status: Returning

Pages: 10/2750 words

Urgency: 48 Hours

Sources: 3

Writer ID: 0012

Customers Instructions: Please make sure that you fully Discuss the concept of Customer Value and its importance to successful marketing. How are customer value and relationship marketing linked?

Writers comment: This paper was in Harvard style and in this I took time to discuss what customer value means and how customer value is related to relationship marketing giving instances how value, satisfaction and quality of a product are related.

Customer’s feedback: Very Satisfied. I thank the marketing writing writer from this business writing service that did my paper.

Topic: Compare the five marketing Management Philosophies

Customer status: Returning

Pages: 5/1375 words

Urgency: 8 Days

Sources: 3

Writer ID: 00562

Customers Instructions: Please make sure that you fully compare the “five marketing Management Philosophies”

Writers comment: The Five marketing management philosophies are well known to be: Production concept, selling concept, product concept, marketing concept and Societal marketing concept which I clearly highlighted in the paper

Customer’s feedback: Quality Marketing Research paper Writing Service and straight to the point

Topic: Perhaps the most dramatic new technology driving the connected age is the Internet. Why is this true? Provide real examples of how the internet can be used to:

  1. Reach new customers
  2. Form new Distribution Channels
  3. Reach new customers
  4. Meet or beat competition

Customer status: Returning

Pages: 10/2750 words

Urgency: 3 Days

Sources: 3

Writer ID: 0012

Customers Instructions: Follow the topic to the latter. Don’t beat around the bush. This is a very serios paper

Writers comment: Being an emerging issue I had to use all the marketing resources available including online resources. It was challenging at first but I was able to point out how the internet can be used to

  1. Reach new customers e.g. through online advertisement
  2. Form new Distribution Channels e.g. Through ecommerce business where people can purchase online
  3. Reach new customers e.g. through social media
  4. Meet or beat competition through ecommerce business.

Customer’s feedback: God bless BusinessWritingServices.org

Topic: Demand and Supply analysis

Customer status: Returning

Pages: 1/275 words

Urgency: 6 Hours

Sources: 1

Writer ID: 0057

Customers Instructions: In 1986 July, there was a major drought in the Southeastern United States. As a result, beef prices fell by 5%. Explain this phenomenon. Please find me an intelligent Economics writer from your business writing service to help me solve this puzzle because no one in my class is able. Am ready to pay anything you ask for. You are all I have

Economics professors comment: Most student don’t understand that this question needs further research in to the prevailing economic and climatic conditions prevalent at the time in the US. These are factors that affect the demand of a commodity.

Writers comment: I was able to point out that there was a drought at the time in the US. The drought reduced hay and feed production and farmer’s mover their cattle much earlier to slaughter houses.

Customer’s feedback: Bravo YE Business Writing Experts!!!. I was the only one who got that question. This is the Best custom Economics Writing Service i have come across so far.

Topic: Explain the theory of consumer behaviour

Customer status: New

Pages: 2

Urgency: 2 Days

Sources: 6

Writer ID: 005678

Customers Instructions: Please answer the following question: “As a society becomes increasingly affluent, wants increasingly created by the process by which they are satisfied. Do you agree? Why or why not? Assuming that this is true, what would be the implications of this proposition for the theory of consumer behaviour?

Writers comment: This was a simple question which I did by getting into details the theory of consumer behaviour.

Customer’s feedback: Good work. I was worried you wouldn’t beat the deadline.

Topic: capital budgeting Techniques and complex investment Decisions

Customer status: New

Pages: 8/2200 words

Urgency: 2 Days

Sources: 15

Writer ID: 00258

Customers Instructions: Please answer the following question:

  1. 1.Why should you not compare the simple NPV of mutually exclusive projects with different lives? What is the correct procedure to compare such projects?
  2. 2.Show with the help of an illustration that the annual equivalent value and the NPV for infinite period procedures lead to the same case for mutually exclusive projects with different lives.
  3. 3.Define capital rationing. Explain how you would select investments projects under one period capital constraint. Would capital rationing lead to sub optimal investment decision?

Writers comment: Though these questions seem hard from a far I was able to use my finance knowledge to answer them in a comprehensive manner. The simple Net Present Value method cannot be compared in mutually exclusive projects with different lives simply because since the two projects have different lives and therefore the annual Equivalent method should be applied. It was also easy to formulate the illustration since I am well aware that AEV needs only the calculation of replacement chains using the Least common multiple. In this Essay I enjoyed the use of my finance essays writing experience.

Customers Feedback: Very satisfied with BusinessWritingservices.org. I got an A in this paper.

Topic: Explain the Determinants of demand and Supply and explain th e concept of Equlibrium

Customer status: Returning

Pages: 5/1375 words

Urgency: 8 Days

Sources: 3

Writer ID: 00562

Customers Instructions: Please make sure that you fully compare the “Factors affecting demand and the factors affecting supply”

Writers comment: The factors affecting demand are well known to be: Price, income, tastes, preferences, government policy, seasonality and advertising which I clearly highlighted in the paper

Customer’s feedback: Effective Economics Term paper paper Writing Service and straight to the point

Topic: Write A business Proposal on why General Motors Company should open a Subsidiary in Brazil

Customer status: New

Pages: 7/ 1925 words

Urgency: 4 Days

Sources: 8

Writer ID: 00565

Customers Instructions:

Writers comment: i worked on this and it was to what i wanted. i am happy the customer liked my work especially on the executive summary.

Customer’s feedback: Quality Business proposal writing Services. I will always trust their business writing services.

  • Customer Instructions:Discuss the behavioural classification of costs, explaining all the terms used therein.  Discuss in detail what constitutes manufacturing costs as production costs, administration costs as well asselling and administration costs. The functional classification of costs classifies costs as production costs, administration costs as well as selling and administration costs. Explain what constitutes these costs in detail.   
  • Explain briefly how the following methods are used in cost estimation:
  1. Account Analysis
  2. Engineering Analysis
  3. Scatter Graph Method
  4. High Low Method
  5. Regression Analysis         
Customer Status: Returning
Urgency: 2 Days
Pages:  20/5500 words
Writer ID: 00258
Writers Comment
Cost behavior refers to the change in costs (increase or decrease) as the output level changes, i.e. as we increase output, are the costs rising, dropping or remaining the same.Cost can be classified as variable, fixed, step fixed, semi variable  costs, controllable and non controllable cost and direct and indirect costs. It was easy to handle this paper because i had the right content from the library.

 Customers Comment: Thanks For your Superb Cost accounting writing Services. I must admit i was impressed by the customer support i received from your business writing services.

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