Principles of marketing

Pages: 10, Double spaced
Sources: 1
Order type: Case Study
Subject: Business
Academic level: High School
Style: MLA
Language: English (U.S.)
Order Description

Principles of marketing
fourteenth edition
philip kotler
gary armstrong

-Relate there chapter to you project

-How by hearing these pom chapter that you will market your project

-You have to add and write about ethic railways but depending on these titles of the chapters of the marketing book

Part 1: defining marketing and the marketing process 26
1.Marketing: creating and capturing customer value 26
2.Company and marketing strategy: partnering to build customer relationships 60

Part 2: understanding the marketplace and consumers 88
3.Analyzing the marketing environment 88
4.Managing marketing information to gain customer insights 120 5.Consumer markets and consumer buyer behavior 156
6. Business markets and business buyer behavior 188

Part 3: designing a customer-driven strategy and mix 212
7.Customer-driven marketing strategy: creating value for target customers 212
10.Pricing: understanding and capturing customer value 312

Part 4: extending marketing 550
18.Creating competitive advantage 550
19.The global marketplace 574

What are the components of Information systems infrastructure

Briefly explain the main classes of IS under the following headings

Transaction processing systems
 A transaction processing system collects and stores information about transactions and controls some aspects of transactions
What are the primary characteristics of TPS

  • It is often tied to other sytems
  • serves the most elementary day to day operations of an organisation
  • used at the operational level of the business
  • often critical to survival of the organisation
  • Need to be fault tolerant
  • Predefined and structured tasks
  • Supplies data for high level of management
  • High volumes of inputs and outputs 

What are the components of information systems infrastructure:

  1. Hardware
  2. Software
  3. Data
  4. People
  5. Networks / transmission channels
  6. Procedures

What are the application areas of Transaction processing systems:
Please use these functional application areas and explain in detail

  1. Payroll system
  2. Billing system
  3. Ordering system
  4. Customer ledgers
  5. Point of sale system 

Foundations of Criminal Law

No of Pages 4, Double spaced
Sources: 5
Order type: Essay
Subject: Law
Academic level: Undergraduate
Style: Not specified
Language: English (U.K.)
Order Description

Word Limit: 1000 words (excluding indented quotations of more than 50 words, bibliography and other items listed in rule 6.60 of the Academic Regulations:

UK Domestic Gas & Electricity markets

Pages: 4, Double spaced
Sources: 8
Order type: Essay
Subject: Economics
Academic level: Not specified
Language: English (U.K.)

My essay is about the case study (UK Domestic Gas & Electricity markets�)
using the �Structure-Conduct-Performance� model as a guide, together with your own additional research of the relevant market, comment on and explain:

(a) The firms� behaviour, and,

(b) The reasoning behind the Regulators� (e.g. Competition Commission, OFT, CAA, OFGEN etc.) concerns, actions and/or decisions in respect of your chosen market

It is an colse exam question pls prepare for me the 200word to bring in the exam as polint point

Imported asbestos (and products containing asbestos) vs. certain domestic substitutes such as PVA, cellulose and glass ("PCG") fibres (and products containing such substitutes).

Pages: 1, Double spaced
Sources: 5
Order type: Essay
Subject: Business
Academic level: Not specified
Style: Harvard
Language: English (U.K.)
Order Description

Analyse the context in which the dispute arouse (identify elements of political, economic or environmental kind for e.g.)    

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