• Number of pages:
    33 (Double Spaced)
    Number of sources:
    Order type:
    Academic level:
    preferred language style: English (U.K.)

    There are 3 essays to be done. Each one around three thousand words. And the three essays are for three students so they cannot correlate. They cannot be the same essay or close to each other because that would be counted as plagiarism.


    This assignment requires the student to be fully conversant with the key theories/concepts of International Marketing. The assignment calls for an critical evaluation and comparison of strategies of two global companies: P&G and Unilever. Perceived differences and/or similarities should be commented upon and, where possible, the student should reinforce their analysis with the use of examples drawn from the two companies.

    A well-presented report should demonstrate a sound understanding of underlying theories/concepts and their application to the two global companies. Note that merely describing/reporting information from the companies website is unacceptable. You are expected to show evidence of research and reading from scholarly sources (academic journal articles)
  • Introduction_to_International_Marketing-03-Oct.pdf
  • Culture_in_International_Marketing.pdf .
  • Segmentation_Targeting_and_Positioning.pdf
  • Global_Marketing_Strategies-Slides.pdf
  • Products_and_Branding-Slides.pdf
  • Marketing_in_Emerging_Markets-slides.pdf
  • Communicating_with_the_World_Consumer-Slides.pdf
  • International_Marketing_Channels_and_Retailing-Slides.pdf .
  • Pricing_for_International_Markets-Slides.pdf

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