Number of pages:
15 (Single Spaced)
Number of sources:
Order type:
Academic level:  

Preferred language style: English (U.K.)

The module name is: Issues and controversies in marketing project so please keep this in mind while designing the topic.

I will upload the format, structure and a checklist for the writer's convenience.

The topic that the writer chooses should be a new research, it should fill gap in existing research and provide a rationale please. I also want the writer to design a questionnaire for me and if it could be provided as soon as possible.

The dissertation should contain sources MOSTLY from LATEST academic journals and books, while other internet sources should be kept to minimum.



  • Reports must have a 3.5cm left-hand margin (to allow for binding) and 2.5cm top and bottom margins.
  • The recommended fonts are: Arial (for headings) and Times Roman (for text). Text should be in 12 point. Section headings should be in 12 point, chapter headings should be in either 14 or 16 point.
  • Insert a ‘footer’ a page number in 10 point Arial Chapters, sections and sub-sections should be numbered using standard report formats (e.g. ‘Chapter 1: Introduction’; ‘1.1 The Research Problem’).
  • The Abstract should be no more than 250 words, summarizing the whole Project and highlighting your key findings.
  • It is essential to provide references for ALL the external source material that you use in your Project, using the Harvxard format (e.g. books, articles, reports, newspapers, web pages). This includes citing sources in the text and providing full references in the References list at the end of the main report


The precise structure and presentation of your Project will depend in part on the research and the approach that you have adopted but following structure should be kept in mind.

 Abstract (n.b. equivalent term in business reports: ‘Executive Summary’)

  • Contents page
  • Introduction (n.b. this chapter is likely to include: background, problem definition, research aims, objectives, or questions and a chapter summary)
  • Literature review (n.b. you may insert a more meaningful title, based on the research topic)
  • Research methods
  • Results [or ‘Findings’] (n.b. your analysis may be located here or in a separate chapter)
  • Discussion (n.b. where you interpret findings, in relation to your question(s) and literature review)
  • Conclusions and recommendations
  • References
  • Appendices

There is no fixed allocation of words for particular sections, it is a matter of judgment, within the overall word limit. When initially allocating a word length to your chapters (and also when editing chapters at a later stage), you should take into account both the weightings given in the Individual Project Marking Grid and the kind of research you have undertaken (e.g. some research questions may justify slightly longer literature reviews; largely quantitative research studies may require fewer words in the Results chapter, as findings can be summarized using graphs).

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