How to Write a Request For Proposal

Pages: 3, Double spaced
Sources: 3
Order type: Coursework
Subject: IT Management
Academic level: Master
Style: APA
Language: English (U.S.)
Order Description

Answer BOTH questions below:

1. A request for proposal (RFP) is a formal document that describes in detail your logical requirements for a proposed system and invites outsourcing organizations to submit bids for its development. Research the Web and find two or three RFP examples. Briefly explain in a three page paper what each RFP has in common and how each RFP is different.

2. During in-sourcing, you have many responsibilities because you�re a (1) business process expert, (2) liaison to the customer, (3) quality control analyst, and (4) manager of other people. According to which step of the SDLC you�re in, your responsibilities may increase or decrease. Construct a table showing the extent to which you participate in each of the seven SDLC steps according to the four responsibilities noted above. For each row you should number the SDLC steps 1 through 7, with a 1 indentifying the step in which your responsibility is the greatest and a 7 identifying the step in which your responsibility is the least.
(1) Business Process Expert
(2) Liaison to the Customer
(3) Quality Control Analyst
(4) Manager of other people    

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