Briefly explain the main classes of IS under the following headings

Transaction processing systems
 A transaction processing system collects and stores information about transactions and controls some aspects of transactions
What are the primary characteristics of TPS

  • It is often tied to other sytems
  • serves the most elementary day to day operations of an organisation
  • used at the operational level of the business
  • often critical to survival of the organisation
  • Need to be fault tolerant
  • Predefined and structured tasks
  • Supplies data for high level of management
  • High volumes of inputs and outputs 

What are the components of information systems infrastructure:

  1. Hardware
  2. Software
  3. Data
  4. People
  5. Networks / transmission channels
  6. Procedures

What are the application areas of Transaction processing systems:
Please use these functional application areas and explain in detail

  1. Payroll system
  2. Billing system
  3. Ordering system
  4. Customer ledgers
  5. Point of sale system 

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