Topic: Demand and Supply analysis

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Customers Instructions: In 1986 July, there was a major drought in the Southeastern United States. As a result, beef prices fell by 5%. Explain this phenomenon. Please find me an intelligent Economics writer from your business writing service to help me solve this puzzle because no one in my class is able. Am ready to pay anything you ask for. You are all I have

Economics professors comment: Most student don’t understand that this question needs further research in to the prevailing economic and climatic conditions prevalent at the time in the US. These are factors that affect the demand of a commodity.

Writers comment: I was able to point out that there was a drought at the time in the US. The drought reduced hay and feed production and farmer’s mover their cattle much earlier to slaughter houses.

Customer’s feedback: Bravo YE Business Writing Experts!!!. I was the only one who got that question. This is the Best custom Economics Writing Service i have come across so far.

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