• Customer Instructions:Discuss the behavioural classification of costs, explaining all the terms used therein.  Discuss in detail what constitutes manufacturing costs as production costs, administration costs as well asselling and administration costs. The functional classification of costs classifies costs as production costs, administration costs as well as selling and administration costs. Explain what constitutes these costs in detail.   
  • Explain briefly how the following methods are used in cost estimation:
  1. Account Analysis
  2. Engineering Analysis
  3. Scatter Graph Method
  4. High Low Method
  5. Regression Analysis         
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Cost behavior refers to the change in costs (increase or decrease) as the output level changes, i.e. as we increase output, are the costs rising, dropping or remaining the same.Cost can be classified as variable, fixed, step fixed, semi variable  costs, controllable and non controllable cost and direct and indirect costs. It was easy to handle this paper because i had the right content from the library.

 Customers Comment: Thanks For your Superb Cost accounting writing Services. I must admit i was impressed by the customer support i received from your business writing services.

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