International Financial Reporting Standards are of great importance to an auditor.  A detailed review of those so far issued belongs to an accounting text and for this reason it is assumed that the students have knowledge of their requirements.  However, elsewhere in this text the major auditing points with regard to each current IAS / IFRS are reviewed under the accounting standards checklist.  The IAS / IFRS issued to date are as follows:

Examinable Authoritative documents
International Financial Reporting Standards (IASs/IFRS)

No                                Title                                                           Issue date
        Preface to Statements of IASs
IAS 1        Presentation of Financial Statements (Revised)        Aug 1997

IAS 2         Inventories                                        Dec 1993

IAS 7        Cash Flow Statements (See Note 2)                Dec 1992

IAS 8                 Net Profits or Loss for the Period, Fundamental Errors
        And Changes in Accounting Policies                Dec 1993

IAS 10        Events after the Balance Sheet Date (Revised)        May 1999

IAS 11        Construction Contracts                    Dec 1993

IAS 12        (Revised) Income Taxes                    Oct 1996

IAS 14        (Revised) segment Reporting                    Aug 1997

IAS 15        Information reflecting The Effects of Changing Prices                 Dec 1993

IAS 16        Properties, Plant and Equipment (Revised)                         Sep 1998

IAS 17        Accounting for Leases (Revised)                             Nov 1997

IAS 18        Revenue                             Dec 1993

IAS 20        Accounting for Government Grants and Disclosure
        Of Government Assistance                    Jan 1995

IAS 22        Business Combinations (Revised)                             Sep 1998

IAS 23        Borrowing Costs                        Dec 1993

IAS 24        Related Party Disclosures                    Jan 1995

IAS 27        Consolidated Financial Statements and Accounting
        For Investments in Subsidiaries                             Jan 1995

IAS 28        Accounting for Investments in Associates (Revised)        Sep 1998

IAS 30

IAS 31        Financial Reporting of Interests in Joint Ventures
        (Revised)                            Sep 1998

IAS 32        Financial Instruments:  Recognition and Measurement
        (Revised) (See Note 3)                                June 1995

IAS 33        Earnings per Share                        Feb 1997

IAS 34        Interim Financial Reporting                    Feb 1998

IAS 35        Discounting Operations                                 Jun 1998

IAS 36        Impairment of Assets                        June 1998

IAS 37        Provisions, Contingent Liabilities
and Contingent Assets                                Sep 1998

IAS 38        Intangible Assets                        Sep 1998

IAS 39        Financial Instruments:  Disclosure and
Presentation (See Note 3)                    Dec 1998

IAS 40        Investment Property                        Mar 2000

IAS 41        Agriculture                            Feb 2001

IFRS 1     Share Based Payments

IFRS 2    First Time Application of IFRSs

IFRS 3    Share Based Payments

IFRS    4    Business Combinations

IFRS 5.    Non Current Assets Held for Sale and Discontinued Operations