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History Repeats Itself

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History_repeats_itselfHistory repeats itself is not at all a truth, neither is it a theory; it something that has been observed over time. Thing happen, new things but much of it is just a repeat of history made in a different way. It is true there will always be new things but much of it are just but improvements on the older things. History repeats itself is an observation of little similarities you may not pay much attention to. In the last five or so years the world witnessed a depression almost similar to the one witnessed in 1930s. The America government went almost bankrupt from the events of the last ten years, just as the whole world was faced with depression in 1930s. Similarities in hardships that the people in America went through, with fore closures of homes and banks were just a repeat of history. What really makes history to repeat itself? The is a website that has detailed stories of people making historical mistakes and stupid repetitions that if were not for them history would never seem to repeat itself. Just think of the following examples from and you will agree with us that history repeats itself.


 In the history of the world, various forms of slavery were experienced over time. To mention just a few, Israelites as narrated in the bible were enslaved for years in Egypt, Persians, Scotland and African Americans have very highly documented history of slavery. This slavery forms were relying on agriculture, industrial construction and other food industries for their survival. The old form of slavery was more savage, with hard and forced labor. The slave holders needed slaves for mining and waging territorial wars. The current forms of slavery are more or the same as the old ones. Instead of forced labor, today we have voluntary labor in search of money and good life, which is more appropriate and easy form of slavery.


Territorial wars, that were waged in the name of empires expansion in history are not so different from the most recent wars of expansion by west and the eastern countries. The current terrorism crusades of the middle east countries and the involvement of the Americans with the support of some European countries in the region has no difference from the expansionism ideologies of old empires. The empires like Ottoman empire controlled almost half Europe in conjunction with its control of the middle east in ancient times. They plundered wealth and Christian religious items that were of great significance at the time. Bombardments of the Iraqis and Afghanistan countries which is plundering their oil wealth and destruction of their Islamic religious institutions has no difference. It is history repeating itself.


History repeating itself can be shown in the way genocides in the world have ever taken place. Without mentioning few isolated incidents of genocide, Christian believers faced a lot of killing from the roman government during the time Jesus was here on earth. Incidents of over zealous government officials carrying out mass killing of Christ followers is recorded. Early European settlers in America are said to have carried out massive genocide of the American Indians. History repeats itself, any mention of Jews in holocaust has all the necessary similarities to the past genocide of spiritual people by society.


The society and everything in this world moves in circles, cycles of insanity. Just think about how our behavior patterns maps a circular pattern, planetary movements, proton, neutrons and even how we are currently advocating recycling of our waste materials. The big bang theory talks of things coming together at the end and recreating once more as way of history repeating itself. Just visit the for more examples of how history repeats itself.


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