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essayMr was born in Moscow to ordinary Jewish family and grew to become a teenage boy who was more interested in games that in studying. He had a passion performing on stages and dancing that his parents had not paid much interest in. during these times there was scarcity of food in the whole of Moscow. The Jews were more had hit by the scarcity of food and they at times had to do without eating for a day or two. Some information about food scarcity in Moscow can be found at the We have more stories of how Jews and ordinary Russians survived the food scarcity.


Mr realized late the cost of not paying attention to his studies, after he had gotten married already at the age 20. He got his first child at 23 and was forced to go back to college in order to supplement his family cost of living. Life did not go smoothly for Mr as he got divorce four years later. His wife migrated to German and he was left with his family and a son who was only five years old. Mr got employed with a research center that was dealing with cold climate primates. With a determination he had never employed in his life, Mr was able to earn respect from his fellow researcher in the zealously way he carried out his duties.


His son on the other hand was still growing up to a teenage boy. At one time, Mr had been working for a project that had taken them away from home for three weeks. Returning home, he was informed that the son had dropped out of school for reasons he had indicated he would only share with his father. Mr having know how he lost his time as a teenage was enraged with his sons decision. But years of working with cold weather primates he had come to appreciate the value of listening before making judgment. That evening he called his son and they had a son father talk that was to change his life forever.


Mr. did not know that the education system in Moscow was one thing that had always made him to hate studies, but his son came out very clearly in their discussion; the education in Moscow was not good for career building for Jew. For the next three months he struggled with suggestion by his son that they would rather migrate to united states of America, where the prospect of good education and career building were more promising. Mr had no know relatives in America and was living with his elderly parents. He knew he did not have much education to meet the demanding job market in united states; but he wanted the best for his son.


Mr. had to make the decision. Today he works at the Washington university as a lab assistant , where his son studied and teaches biochemistry. For the to migrate Mr. had to sell everything they owned back in Moscow and migrate with his whole family into a new world they never new in search of a dream. A dream his son has achieved. Read more stories like these and more on real life at the and other fictional stories about people and how they migrated to united states of America in search of a dream.

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