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Mrs. essay

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The story written here is a fictional story written about some people and how they immigrated to united states of America. We will use the term Mrs as the name our of our character in oder to give it the feminine feel but not a definite name. There are more articles as these one at the, that might help you in understanding some of the difficulties people face while immigrating to united states of America or else where. The articles at the website are written by highly professional writers from our writing department.


This is the story about Mrs who wonders how she emigrated to united states of America. She believes that she never emigrated from German to united states of America or rather she was immigrated. Mrs was a member of union of journalist in German and and correspondent of a reputable newspaper in united states America. Her friend and companion had been arrested and was due to be aligned in court in two days time. Information indicated that she was the only person capable of helping. The court was not allowing any body for the hearing apart from journalist. She was the only one who could be able to expose the atrocities done on her community members to the rest of the world. Mrs had to get inside the court room tape everything and then transcribe it for media use in America.


No one was going to stop Mrs from carrying her duty although she had her misgivings after graduating from a screenwriter course only a few months back and she wanted to start film making in German more than ever. But with kangaroo courts in Germany, Mrs knew her friend stood no chance unless someone did something.


Her friend had been working a typist for a local newspaper in German and hard stated typing some documents that were considered subversive by the government at the time. She was caught with some of the documents in he office after tracing the source of the documents. He friend was a Jew just like Mrs. Most Jews were requesting for emigration visas from the government and these was embarrassing the government.


The next morning Mrs went to the courthouse. As usual she found the plainclothes police filling the places together with the voluntary police squad that guards the court. The parents of her friend were there but highly intimidated. She showed the press card which was checked by three court handlers. The magic of press card, they imagined she was there as an employee of one the big newspapers “the truth” in the country that supported the government. Surely, Mrs was there to tell the truth. But little did she know what was in store for her.


The recording tape that Mrs was carrying could only tape for 1 hour as she had estimated to court procedure would take. To he surprise the court took lounger than one hour and her tape went out. A microphone beep from the tape made even the judge to stare at her. The court went to recess, and to her surprise the police were tearing her into pieces by the time the judge entered into his chamber. You may imagine what went on after that. Visit the for more on what went on with Mrs life after these single incident and how she found herself here in America as an immigrant Jew.

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