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Essay examples- Where to find them

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essay_example.pngA good number of students do not have knowledge as to where to get essay examples if they want to have an understanding of how to go about crafting one. It is true that different essays are written differently and that students can not understand all the writing guidelines for each. We have different types of essays like;

  • Informative essays

  • Expository essays.

  • Narrative essays.

  • Opinion essays.

  • Abortion essays.

  • History essays etc.

How do you look for an essay example?

In your effort to look for an essay example, you must understand that you will come across very many samples particularly from online sources. However,these essay examples do not come free of charge, many will require you to download while others will require subscription to access. This will be expensive no doubt and the quality of the papers might be questionable.

The essay might be outside your niche

Another important thing to know when looking for example essays is that these essays might not be on the subject you want. There are specific details you might want which will lack in an example essay, just like the format, length, number of sources used etc.

Choose example essays helping you

A student will look for an example essay which will ease their writing process. This is why it is important to know some basic points which will help you get a sample essay of worth. A good example essay should have the best defined and vivid structure. It should be well organized to contain things like;

  • An introduction.

  • The body.

  • A conclusion.

The introduction should be colorful to attract you as a reader. It should also have a thesis statement to declare the subject the writer tackles. The best essay has the best introduction, and anyone looking for an example essay will know at a glance from the introduction, if the essay is worth their time.

An example essay should have the best body. Remember this is where the main arguments in relation to the essay topic lie. This means the writer must discuss comprehensively the topic they are writing in the body of the essay. If the example essay is shoddy, then the reader should not waste their time on it.

The conclusion sums up the whole essay. It is a very important part of the writing and it must reflect what the writer discussed in the body of the essay. A powerful conclusion is always essential to leave the reader with something to remember.

So what should you look for in an example essay?

  1. It must have clear and distinct subdivisions.

  2. It should have a powerful argumentative thesis expressed in one sentence.

  3. It must achieve its goals; it should be relevant to the topic and strongly written.

  4. It should have the best introduction summing up the basic points of the essay.

Any student should also confirm the authenticity of any writing company giving example essays. Many writing companies are out to make money and can not write competent essays.

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