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Malcolm X's ideologies before Mecca and following

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Malcolm_Xs_ideologiesMalcolm x was born in 1925 at Omaha in Nebraska,New York state as Malcolm Little. Growing through a repressive period for the black Americans, he had evolved to be a defiant black militant leader. Malcolm x lived through his fathers murder and mental hospitalization of his mother. He had been sent live with foster parents at very early ages. He become a criminal at an early age and was imprisoned severally. While in prison for burglary in 1946 he converted into Islam. He joined the nation of Islam group that held much sway with the black Americans. After his release he went to the headquarters of the nation of Islam in Chicago and met with the sect leader Elijah Muhammad. The nation of Islam considers the family names to have originated with the white slave holders, therefore it was necessary for Malcolm to change his last name “Little” to X.


The sect of the nation of Islam sent Malcolm on a country wide speaking tour, which turned him into a very effective speaker and organizer for the group. He assisted in founding of many Muslim mosques and increased the number off membership with nation of Islam. By 1961 he helped in foundation of the first of the nation of Islam publication; Muhammad speaks and was appointed as the minister of the number seven mosque in new York. With his eloquence and oratory skills he become well adored among the adherents. His most eloquent ideology was in rejection of racial equality or integration of the black people, but instead advocated for a separation of the white people from the blacks until a time when they would return to Africa. Unlike the civil rights advoctes Malcolm x advocated use of violence toward the whites.


After the assassination of the president of united states of America, J. F . Kennedy , Malcolm x comments made, the leader of the nation of Islam Elijah Muhammad to suspend him. By 1964 he moved out of the movement and formed his own religious organization. After his visit to Mecca, he changed profoundly his held views on black separatism. He now believed that the blacks cold possibly share the world with the whites whom he had all along blamed as inherently evil. Rivalry between his group and the nation of Islam group manifested itself with threats to his life. Three black Muslims carried out the threat by assassinating him while he was in a ball room meeting with his followers.


Malcolm x life history can be divided into three different periods. The first period of his life is when Malcolm x was a devout Muslim with nation of Islam group, between 1948 and 1964. after leaving the nation of Islam he joined the black nationalist and the last of his life period before he was assassinated in 1965, he had evolve through a universalism Islamic. Much of his poignant ideologies are found within the first two periods of his life. Malcolm greatest achievement is in his demonstration of the fact that learning, reading and reasoning are indispensable qualities of life for improvement of economic and social development of society. Malcolm lived in two different worlds during these two periods before taking a pilgrimage to Mecca. His ideologies are very highly contrasted between the two periods. After his transformation , his ideologies as a militant black American nationalist had turned into an Islamic ideology in search of black and white global brotherhood.

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