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American Heritage

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american_heritageWriting about American heritage requires definition of heritage. A definition from an on-line dictionary states that, heritage is something that is handed down from past as a characteristic inherited from ancestors, a culture or even a tradition. There are three ways we can define heritage in a broad way. A birth right, a tradition or an inheritance, therefore American heritage can encompass all these three traits of heritage. In these essay the, writers , have written broadly on American heritage, without necessary aligning their thoughts on one specific definition of what could be American heritage


When i think of “American Heritage,” so many things come to mind. The monuments, the documents, the cultures and traditions that defines America as a great country. The various memorial days that we as American celebrate, all commemorating various historical land marks of our country. The day of independence to the American people is celebrated on 4th July each year to commemorate the day independence of all the the original thirteen colonies of British government in America declared independence. When you think of this day as an American heritage, you will not forget the men who courageously united all the colonies to fight for independent and united America. The courage that American people have in fighting for what is right to them and others in the current world is an inheritance they got from the many men and women who stood up for their rights against a strong and well prepared government of Britain. The men who fought in the revolution war to win us independences handed us unforgettable inheritance of resilience and determination. This an American heritage, of resilience and determination.


Thinking of making of the united states of America constitution, which was riddled with numerous issues that even lead to the first civil war in America. The believes in our founding fathers and their convictions of an united states of America, does not only come inform of our Constitution as an American heritage, but we inherited one of the oldest Constitution dispensation that has held us together ever since. The leaders who wrote our declaration of independence and those who wrote our Constitution impacts greatly on the American people. We live to our full potentials because of great American heroes who have gone out of their ways to make America a great nation. The first man to explore the moon, the discovery of nuclear energy, the fight for civil rights, the believe in God and humanity, all these are just examples of American heritage we got from our ancestors living and dead.


Discovery of the nuclear energy has enabled us to improve on delivery of clean electricity to millions of American, who would otherwise be still dependent on fossil fuels that are depleting at alarming rates. Many other countries have benefited from these discoveries, although you may be tempted to argue on the disadvantages of nuclear discovery, this is an American heritage to be proud of. The civil rights movement inspired by black civil rights movements turned our country into a better place for all to live. People like martin Luther king Jr and Susan Anthony who championed the rights of the black and the minority women are people who bequeathed us very credible American heritages that have even been experimented in other parts of the world. Whatever the words “American heritage” may mean to each of us in America, we all at least have something in common; to do the right thing and make the best decisions for our future generations. Visit the for more information on specific American heritages, in forms of culture , traditions or in-heritages that we share.


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