Financial Management builds on material covered in Business Finance course in Part II. It looks at the major managerial decisions of the Finance Manager in any business firm.

These decisions are:

  1. Investment decisions

  2. Financing decisions

  3. Liquidity decisions

  4. Division of earnings decisions

The Finance Manager is usually faced with uncertainties and risk in making his decisions. The course therefore looks at how the finance manager deals with these risk and uncertainties in making each of the above decisions.

The course begins with a discussion of the framework of financial management, where the objectives and functions of financial management are considered.

The course then looks at each of the above decisions in detail. An introduction is also made on the operations and policies of major international financial organisations.

Analytical approach for solving financial problems is emphasized.

  1. Financial management, Eighth edition by Pandey I.M.

  2. Recommended Further Readings

Intermediate Financial management by Brigham E.F and Gapenski L.C

Managerial Finance by Weston and Copeland