I would like to pursue MBA program with the objective of learning about business. My MBA short-term goal is to excel academically and join summer intern at a boutique in Boston, forge deep, rewarding connections with reputable companies and finally, launch my consultant career post-MBA. My long-term goal is to become a recognized leader and expert strategy consultant in the entertainment sector in Asia and become a reach Partner in 10 years. Also, Achieve fluency in a fourth language and uphold the school's legacy proudly and generously.

The position I hope to obtain immediately after school is Management Consultant with the job title of financial analyst. I will utilize my experience in advising the company on their financial management practices and check the problems within the company that may be holding the company back from reaching its goals. My dream companies are Oliver Wyman firm and Mckinsey Boston. My life experiences have galvanized my commitment to excellence and by working in managing a China-facing publication and strategy for a US media company; it has allowed me to successfully utilize my systemic understanding of the nation’s political and economic agenda for good on the global stage.


I believe that I am ready to take the next step toward my dream of being an entrepreneur after four years of business experience. I am also convinced that I am ready to contribute vigorously in preparing companies for change and guiding them into the future the right way. Moreover, I am confident that my acceptance to your unique program will provide me with the tools necessary to attain my childhood dream of success in business while helping me make a positive global impact.