Business Proposal


Current research has noted that there has been an increase in the demand for low-cost aviation services which is coupled by a rise in the demand for passengers travels on different routes globally (Gerardi & Shapiro, 2009). Also, the number of airlines operating in different lines have increased leading to intense competition. For instance, in the USA alone, there are more than 100,000 airlines which operates in different states (Prince & Simon, 2009). The increased number of airlines operating in the various States in the USA have intensified the level of competition leading to a significant reduction of profits accrued by the airlines. Currently, the companies offering the support services for the airlines are still far much expensive hence having a direct impact on their long-term sustainability in the market. It is at this juncture that Meton Skies Aviation company comes in handy to bridge the gap between an aviation service delivery, profitability and increasing its competitiveness and value in the aviation industry. The company has majored in the areas of aircraft maintenance, part sales, renovation services, sales, and mobile services.

Objectives/ Aims and Statement of Need

Apart from having costs, quality, and reliability issues with its current service providers, it is evident that the aviation industry players in Cyprus have equally been facing the problem of on-time performance. Ideally, an appropriate on-time performance demands that the involved stakeholders in aviation industry work together consistently, collaboratively and over time. This is since it has a direct implication on the costs, profits, customer experience and employee morale. As a consequence, there is a need to engage a committed provider who understands these dimensions in clarity.

Detailed Methodology

As featured in the goals, full monthly service for all aircraft to ensure 100% efficiency of the airline would be offered. This role would actively be performed by the Meton Skies Aviation company personnel at a leased facility in the proximity of BlueAir Airline. There will be tools and parts inventory at every site. This is informed by the fact that the Meton Skies Aviation company management has a feeling that it is pivotal in the modern regulatory aviation environment to conduct regular and routine maintenance for all the airlines. However, Period C and D overhauls and any important maintenance would be outsourced to the Aerofield Corporation in Miami. All the labor costs would be budgeted at $32 hourly. This is informed by the fact that it is a common practice for the majority of the companies in the aviation industry inclusive of the big ones to actively sub-out C and D scheduled maintenance (Lee et al., 2008). This would be implemented collaboratively with the third objective which is renovation services quarterly to ensure that all aircraft are equipped with the latest technology. Meton Skies Aviation company renovation strategy would put into the account of the need of adopting a personal and collaborative approach for renovation to ensure that the designs and solutions are holistically addressing all the needs efficiently without costly extras or wasted space.

For the second goal, ground handling would feature services of airplane parking services, baggage loading and unloading, and baggage and freight handling services. All these services would be performed by Meton Skies Aviation company. To ensure that this is done with great proximity, upon landing of an airline, the individuals tasked with the process would be ready waiting to implement the overloading services. It will be prudent to ensure that they are not adding any extra cost or condition to BlueAir Airline which will be a significant advantage to them regarding increasing the trust the company customers and their overall satisfaction. This would be integrated with the mobile services delivery. This would be employed by the company exploiting their staff knowledge, skills and passion and as such making the renovation meaningful and in line with the needs of the BlueAir Airline success and progress.


Evaluation Process

BlueAir Airline can easily identify the success of the services offered to them by identifying the progress taken since the outsourcing of the company services. A successful delivery would translate to a provision of a low-cost and discounted air travels by the airline to its customers in selected destinations. Also, an increased emphasis on safety through maintenance, services delivery and operations would mean that there is improved handling of the domestic, regional passenger travel. The improved quality of services delivery would not be an indication of compromised service delivery or effects on the issues of safety or the on-time performance (Sullivan et al., 2012). Meton Skies Aviation delivery bridges the gap between the airline and its customers by ensuring that its operations are successful and based on best practice by all the stakeholders. All these strategies are an indication of high reliability and service standards for the operations of the airline. This would be far much better as opposed to their competitors. All these success metrics would be identified after five months of a consistent implementation of the program.

Sign of the Proposal Success

The sign of the success of the services offered to BlueAir Airline would be identified in the operational advantages obtained from the designated processes. In overall, all the operations would be seamless from an area-to-area of the BlueAir Airline regarding its airline practice and operations. It is evident that majority of the systems that have been for long utilized by the major carriers today had been integrated into its current state for approximately 20 years. Hence, there has been a persistent desire for each operational area to communicate or forward all the vital information from one place to the other. Not only would the airline operations that would be noted to operate seamlessly but also all their operations would considerably be oriented on their capacity of conforming to all the IAA compliance guidelines (Dixon et al., 2017). Meton Skies Aviation company would ensure that all the operations are in strict compliance with the vividly defined and documented internal accountability as characterized by the different operations of the company. Also, new opportunities which are future-oriented would be initiated due to the progressive nature of the Meton Skies Aviation company in purchasing new airlines, maintaining their materials and being future-oriented.


This proposal has provided detailed information on the best practice of offering airline services to a company operating in the aviation industry. A clear guideline on the services delivery has been pointed out with all costs, barriers, steps, and timelines being stipulated clearly. This is characterized by clear goals that have been stipulated in the project. This proposal is essential to mitigate all challenges currently encountered by aviation industry companies as they operated to mitigate the existing competitiveness and global social-political and economic challenges. BlueAir Airline should consider the services and will be guaranteed success in all their operations and be assured of sustainable growth.