• Rights of access at all time to accounting records of the company. This includes;
  1. Rights of access to statutory books of accounts e.g. shareholders register, memorandum of association and minutes of important meetings.
  2. Access to returns from branches and vouchers of the company.
  • To require from officers and employees of the company any information and explanations deemed necessary for the purposes of the audit. This includes all information from clients books and vouchers, management representations e.t.c.
  •  Rights in relation to general meetings.
                1. To receive notice
                2. To attend
                3. To speak
                4. To receive notice:

- 21 days notice before an ordinary AGM.

- 7-14 days notice before an extraordinary general meeting.

- 28 days for a resolution intended at removing him from office.

                1. Rights to clarify or add to his report any material information which came to his knowledge after the report had been dispatched to shareholders but which is in the interest of shareholders.
                2. Right to make a statement at the AGM clarifying accounts e.g. to correct statements whose impression was given by the board to the shareholders wrongly.
  • Rights associated with attempts to remove him from office or not to re-appoint him.
    1. Rights to send representations to shareholders.
    2. Rights to read representations at the AGM if they are not sent in good time because of the default of the directors.
    3. Receive 28 days notice of the meeting.
    4. To speak at the AGM
  • Rights to require that subsidiaries and their auditors provide such information and explanations as are deemed necessary for the purposes of the audit of the holding company.
  • Right to remuneration. Right to be paid audit fees when due, re-imbursed audit expenses incurred in connection with the audit assignment.
  • Rights to legal and technical advice. An auditor may use the work of an expert to get technical knowledge of what may have taken place in the organization.