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Romeo and Juliet essay

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Romeo_and_Juliet_essayRomeo and Juliet is a play by William Shakespeare. In writing a Romeo and Juliet essay, one will simply be required to write an essay on this play. This play is a love tragedy essay, and writing an essay on it is usually a task given to literature students.

To a good number of students, it might seem difficult to write something unique from Romeo and Juliet, but if one is creative enough, they can write a great essay on the same. How can one write a competent romeo and Juliet essay?

  • Give a critical view- You can write an outstanding essay on this topic if you look at the essay topic critically. It is possible to analyze the play and try to view it from the mindset of the writer. Was the writer aiming to pass across a point? Did he succeed in passing it? What about the family feuds in the play, are they realistic? etc.

  • The theme- The theme is a very important thing to tackle when writing your professional Romeo and Juliet essay. The play has several themes which are not different from many other plays and movies. The basic story in this play is very common, but the whole essay and its presentation is very unique.

  • Characterization- Without a thorough examination of all characters in this play, there is no way you will craft the best Romeo and Juliet essay. Characters may take different forms, they might be alive, dead or even supernatural and if this is the case, it must be mentioned clearly in the essay. A Romeo and Juliet essay will therefore require the student to mention the characters, especially the members of the two families featuring in the play.

  • Relevance- It will do you no harm if you relate the play with the present times. This enables the writer to give a modern touch to the essay, so that the reader does not feel they read a thing of the past which has no significance to their lives at all.

  • It is an essay on a play- Your Romeo and Juliet essay should be an essay on a play. Any writer might understand that they write an essay on something meant for the stage and for reading. It is something for the audience to watch and also hear, hence it must be written with that in mind.

  • It is an analytical essay- A wise student will understand that the best quality Romeo and Juliet essay should be written as an analytical essay. This means the essay must be based on one’s analysis of the play in question hence give a discussion of different aspects contributing to the effect the essay brings to the audience. It is important to discuss all the important effects used in the play, for instance, dramatic devices.

  • Write as a member of the audience- Writing your Romeo and Juliet essay like you were a member of the audience gives you the liberty to write from a “seeing and hearing” point of view. This will also give the writer the freedom to analyse the structure of the scenes of the play.

Writing an outstanding Romeo and Juliet essay will not be a difficult task if you follow the points given above. It is also important to conduct research in earnest.

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